Crochet your own Thin Blue Line Texas Afghan with your Free Graph Pattern by the Stickler® Guide!

Want to save yourself time and frustration? The full Thin Blue Line Texas Stickler® Guide is available for only $4.99 at my Etsy page HERE

The complete Stickler® Guide includes:  
  • Crazy simple, easy to follow row by row instructions
  • Complete, detailed instructions for creating your new afghan
  • Helpful how to diagrams of techniques I’ve found useful
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In addition to the row by row instructions shown above, your 8 page Stickler® Guide pattern includes 2 pages of detailed illustrations on how to add, end and switch colors.

Only $4.99 – click here!

Do you love the idea of crafting an afghan with a meaningful image but get frustrated or intimidated by the reality? It can be a real challenge trying to read a graph and figure out the best way to change colors – all while dealing with a tangled mess of yarn every time you begin a new row. Not to mention getting halfway through your project before realizing the image isn’t proportional!

This was my experience years ago when I first tried my hand at making a “graphghan.” I knew there had to be an easier way…so I created the Stickler® Guide.

This Thin Blue Line pattern is beginner friendly but fun for all skill levels. There are only 2 or 3 color changes for most rows in the afghan, with a maximum of 5 changes per row. The free Stickler® Graph offered here provides a much simpler counting experience than the typical graph pattern – each block is one single crochet stitch and has the same proportions of the typical SC. The blocks are clearly numbered in sets of 4 for easier counting.

If you’re less familiar with graph patterns or changing colors you’ll love the additional instructions and how to drawings available in the full Stickler® Guide!

Click here for your free Thin Blue Line Texas Stickler® Graph:

Avoid tedious block counting (and get extra tips & tricks) for only $4.99 at my Etsy store. Click here for your complete Thin Blue Line Texas Stickler® Graph: